Chiefs’ Office Expansion

Led by Trustee Jim Michie, the Oyster Bay Fire Department embarked on an ambitious project to expand the existing Chiefs’ office. The former office was so small, that it didn’t have sufficient room for the three chiefs, line officers and files.

The room is being expanded to take over the old engineers’ room. This room existed on what used to be the outside, southwest corner of the building. With help from Captain Charles Gladd, the engineers’ room was relocated to a room in bay #4. Trustee Michie, Chief DeCarolis, 1st Assistant Chief Frank Mantegari III, 2nd Assistant Chief Vincent Bellissimo and Captain Charles Gladd have spent countless hours swinging sledgehammers, pulling down walls and repairing decades-old plumbing and electrical work.

Years ago, there were few record-keeping and equipment testing requirements in the fire service. Today, new requirements are added every year. This translates into more and more demand on the little available space in the building. With the abundance of in-house talent, we expect to complete this project in short order and at very minimal cost.