Concession Stand Fire

On Thursday, June 15th, at 11:37 A.M. the Oyster Bay Fire Companies were alerted for a reported building fire in the concession stand at Roosevelt Park. Upon arrival of the first company, they were met by a heavy smoke condition and a fire in the cockloft (space between the roof and the drop ceiling) caused by workers re-sealing the roof with a torch. Upon arrival of the Chiefs, a signal 32 (re-alert for additional resources) was sounded. The OBFD responded by sending ASFC #1’s engine 559, tanker 5511, heavy rescue 555, and, OBFC #1’s tower 554, and ambulance 5526. The companies did an extensive overhaul and the fire was contained to the roof and part of the cockloft. As the Oyster Bay firefighters were operating at the fire, the following companies were requested to stand by at the Oyster Bay Fire Department headquarters to cover the district if another emergency had come in: East Norwich for Engine 513, Locust Valley for Tower Ladder 546 and, Syosset for Ambulance 5891. All companies were released at 12:30 P. M.

There were no injuries to the firefighters or the concession stand workers. The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation by the Nassau County Fire Marshal’s office.