F.A.S.T. Team In Action

Recently the Oyster Bay Fire Department responded to a House Fire on Arizona Ave to provide mutual aid to the Syosset Fire Department on Nov. 11, 2004. The Oyster Bay Fire Department responded with Tower Ladder 554 to provide a Firefighter Assist & Search Team. (FAST Team) The duty of the FAST team is too standby on the fireground and provide assistance should a firefighter become trapped in a structure do to collapse or if he/she becomes disoriented or lost in a structure or if he/she becomes disabled while operating on the scene and are unable to remove themselves to safety, or becomes trapped in conditions that compromise their safe exit from the structure. Thankfully the Oyster Bay Fire Department’s FAST team was not activated on the fireground, however it was only there for standby purposes.
Members of the Oyster Bay Fire Department’s FAST team are trained and qualified through the Nassau County Fire Service Academy. They also participate in numerous in house training’s ranging from Advanced Mask Confidence to Specialized tool familiarization.