Not your typical day at the beach

On Sunday July 30th 2006, the Oyster Bay Fire Department was alerted by Nassau County Fire Communications that there had been a boating accident resulting in a male patient receiving a leg laceration. The aided was enroute to the boat ramps at Theodore Roosevelt Park. Nassau County Police, Emergency Ambulance Bureau and Aviation had also been notified. Shortly after arriving at scene Oyster Bay Chief 5500 advised fire communications to upgrade this alarm to a general alarm and have a landing zone established at fireman’s field. Oyster Bay Engine 558 responded to this location and secured a landing zone with the assistance of Nassau County Police units. Ambulance 5516 responded to the boat ramps at Roosevelt Park. Advanced emergency medical technicians from 5516 assisted NCPD EAB unit 2372 in patient care and assisted in transport to the landing zone. Once at the landing zone patient care was transferred the crew of the helicopter for transport to Nassau University Medical Center. The aided was transported with non-life threatening injuries. All Oyster Bay units were back in service within an hour.