OBFD and Polar Bears Team Up

Did anyone notice all the polar bears in Oyster Bay on Sunday, March 20th? They all worked their way to Roosevelt Park for a dip in the 39 degree water. Polar Bears is the nickname for the wonderful people that took that plunge into the icy waters to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Association. To assist these stalwart human otters and make sure everyone got into and out of (most important) the frigid environment they entered, were The Oyster Bay Fire Company #1 and the Atlantic Steamer Fire Company #1. The two Companies combined to have on hand, 2 ambulances, a rescue truck, a diver in a special environmental suit that allowed him to stay in the water for at least one-half hour, and a rescue boat, if necessary. The Nassau County Police Department also sent one of their ambulances. Happily, all the cold weather lovers came out of the water under their own power. You should have seen all the different shades of blue that people can generate! Your Volunteer Fire Departments share in the belief that support of charitable events such as this is important, so there were between 20-25 of your neighbors donating their time on a rainy, cold Sunday. But they were very warm inside because of taking part in such a wonderful cause.

Michael R. Scheck