OBFD Assists Bayville FD

On Sunday January 13th, 2008 @ 20:22 hrs (8:22pm) the Oyster Bay Fire Department was alerted to assist the Bayville Fire Company at the scene of a working building fire at the Bayville Lobster House located at 14 Ludlum Avenue.

Oyster Bay FD was requested to respond as the FAST unit (firefighter assistance and search team). They are used in the event that a firefighter is injured or missing at the scene of a confirmed fire. Oyster Bay Fire Department sent Tower Ladder 554 and 2 chiefs, Chief of Department Frank Mantegari III and 2nd Assistant Chief Charles Gladd. Captain Robert W. McEvoy was the line officer of Tower Ladder 554.

Upon arriving at the scene, Bayville Fire Company incident commander Chief Rob Plummer explained what he needed Oyster Bay to do. After a short period, Oyster Bay FD was relived as the FAST unit and put to work inside the building assisting Bayville firefighters. The Atlantic Steamer Fire Company also located in Oyster Bay was dispatched to replaced Oyster Bay FD as the FAST unit.

Tower Ladder 554 was positioned in front of the building and 2 firefighters were sent to the roof via the bucket. Shortly after, the fire exposed itself on the 2nd floor and a collapse of the 1st floor occurred. At that point all firefighters were ordered out of the building and the chiefs determined that a collapse zone should be placed around the entire building. Atlantic Steamer Ladder 551 secured a hydrant at West Harbor Road and Ludlam Avenue and supplied Tower Ladder 554, which was designated as 1 of 2 Tower Ladders on the scene performing outside water operations due to the collapse of roof and the 1st floor. Locust Valley Tower Ladder 546 and Oyster Bay Tower Ladder 554 operated until approximately 4am Monday morning.

There were no reported injuries. The cause of the fire is still under investigation by the Nassau County Fire marshals office. The building was partially taken down by the Town of Oyster Bay Highway Department.