OBFD Practices their skills

October was a busy month for Oyster Bay’s Bravest. On Wednesday’s; the department had actual hands-on training at the Nassau County Fire Service academy in Bethpage. Firefighters and Chiefs had actual fire scenarios anywhere from a high-rise fire to a simple vehicle fire. Training began at 7pm at the firehouse, and ended at 11pm. At the fire academy all of the members are under the supervision of NYS fire instructors from various agencies of the fire service from both Nassau and FDNY.

All of the Scenarios are Live-burns with actual flames and smoke. The chiefs and training officers of the companies have no idea what the scenario will be until they are dispatched by the instructors. It could be anything. The instructors point out any changes that they recommend and critique members afterwards. The training is held twice a year during summer and fall. Both the Oyster Bay Fire Department and the Atlantic Steamer Fire Co. train together for 4 nights during those months.

Pictured below is the vehicle fire night.