Oyster Babies Visit OBFC #1

On October 3rd, pre-schoolers from OYSTER BABIES visited the Oyster Bay Fire Department on South Street. The children were introduced to Assistant Chief Vincent Bellissimo, EMT’s Alison Johanson, Wendy Niceberg and Firefighter/ Paramedic Pete Hosey. Soon after, the children were reading about CLIFFORD, the red firehouse dog who helps out his local fire department by assisting at the scene of a fire. The children were then taught what to do in case their clothes ever catch on fire by practicing to Stop, Drop and Roll on the ground in order to put out the flames.

The children were then allowed to climb on board OBFD’s two ambulances and shown the various life saving emergency medical equipment which included listening to their “hearts” with a stethoscope. Before leaving, the children had a chance to sit in the jump seats of Engine 558 and 552 as well as Tower Ladder 554.

The children left with a better appreciation of fire and EMS safety in the community, but most importantly that they will never be afraid should they have to encounter a fire fighter in his/her fire breathing mask and gear.