Oyster Bay Emergency Medical Technicians better prepared to help you

In an effort to better serve the Oyster Bay community, the Oyster Bay Fire Department has purchased Epi Pen and Epi Pen Jr. auto injectors. Under New York State Department of Health regulations an Emergency Medical Technician can assist a known anaphylactic with his/her own prescribed auto injector. However an agency that file the proper paperwork with their medical director and receives the proper training is permitted to carry Epi Pen and Epi Pen Jr. auto injectors on the ambulance and treat patirents suffering from an anaphylactic reaction with them. The Oyster Bay Fire Department has done this in response to the rising number of diagnosed cases of Anaphylaxis. Anaphylactic reactions are a form of allergic reaction producing the most severe signs and symptoms. They can be caused by a number of different things ranging from bee stings to peanuts.

Anaphylactic reactions usually have a sudden onset after the introduction of the allergen. The reaction affects the respiratory system primarily and can cause respiratory arrest. Therefore it is essential to have Epi Pen or Epi Pen Jr. auto injector’s on hand in order to reverse the reaction, which has been proven to be a life saving intervention.