Oyster Bay Emergency Medical Technicians have a busy morning.

In the early morning hours of Sunday June 12, Oyster Bay Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians were keeping very busy. At 04:40 hrs the Oyster Bay Fire Department and Atlantic Steamer Fire Company were alerted for an assault victim on Audrey Avenue. Nassau County Police officers were also dispatched to this scene. Emergency personnel under the command of Oyster Bay Fire Department Chief and AEMT Anthony DeCarolis were on-scene within minutes and were met with a male patient who had been stabbed twice. Upon further inspection it was established that the male patient had been stabbed once to the elbow and once to the abdomen. The aided was transported to Nassau University Medical Center by Oyster Bay Fire Department ambulance 5526. While in route to the hospital the aided received basic life support interventions in the form of oxygen therapy and bleeding control. The patient also received advance life support interventions in the form of intravenous fluid. About 20 minutes after the first call, the Oyster Bay Fire Department was alerted for a male with a head injury in the vicinity of the Post Office on Audrey Avenue only about 2 blocks from the first alarm. Oyster Bay’s second ambulance 5516 responded to this scene. Upon arrival emergency personal were met with a male patient with extensive injuries ranging from a severe head injury to multiple stab wounds. Air Transport was considered for this patient however Chief DeCarolis decided to transport by ground given the length of time it would take for the helicopter to arrive on scene. Oyster Bay Emergency Personnel contacted medical control to check the resources of Nassau County Medical Center to see if they could accommodate this second critical patient. Medical Control advised 5516 to transport the patient to North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset, which is also a regional trauma center. This patient received basic life support interventions in the form of spinal immobilization, bleeding control and oxygen therapy. The patient also received advanced life support interventions in the form of intravenous fluids to counteract the blood loss from the wounds. Both patients were transported to their respective hospitals without change or incident. Nassau County Police secured the scenes and are conducting investigations.

Members of the Oyster Bay community are reminded that you, too can help your fellow neighbor by joining the volunteer fire department. Oyster Bay Fire Department provides a wide range of services including those pertaining too the emergency medical field. All training received from Certified First Responder (CFR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) is fully paid for by the department and are available too all members. If you are interested in joining our Fire-Medic Squad (EMS only) or the Fire Department please call our Chief’s Office at 516-922-1226 for further information.