Oyster Bay Fire Department Participates in 5th Battalion Training

On Sunday November 27th 2005, the Oyster Bay Fire Department participated in Joint Training with the Bayville Fire Company, Locust Valley Fire Company, East Norwich Fire Company, and Atlantic Steamer Fire Company. The training was held at a residence in Centre Island that was slated for demolition. Using artificial smoke to simulate real smoke conditions members forced entry to the residence and performed primary searches for victims and the source of the simulated smoke source. Other companies stretched hose lines and advanced into the building. Members from Oyster Bay were assigned to primary searches of the basement and roof operations. Oyster Bay firefighters located an artificial victim in the basement. They advised the command post and removed the victim to the awaiting EMS crew from Oyster Bay and Bayville. Oyster Bay Fire Department members operated on the roof through the use of Bayville Fire Company Quint 502 to access the roof and perform an initial size up and ventilate using power saws. Rapid Intervention techniques were also practiced during the exercise. Members from each department were able to participate and practice rapid intervention skills. After the completion of these exercises, members were able to practice overhaul techniques such as breaching walls, removal of windows and forcing doors. This training exercise was beneficial to all members who participated. Members were also able to practice fire ground communications between multiple companies and familiarize themselves with each other’s apparatus and equipment.