Oyster Bay Fire Department Remembers Avianca Flight 052

January 25th, 1990 was a day that many residents of Oyster Bay will never forget. Just after 9 pm the Oyster Bay Fire Department was alerted for a reported aircraft down in Cove Neck. Upon arrival a commercial airliner was found on the ground in the secluded area of the north shore known as Cove Neck. Members from the Oyster Bay Fire Department worked throughout the night and next day to expedite patients to local hospitals and recover all victims involved. This event was one of the largest mutual aid efforts in Nassau County history. Ironically 1 day prior to the 15th anniversary of this event the Oyster Bay Fire Department had another large scale event that will be memorable to the people of the Oyster Bay Community the Fire that devastated Nobman’s Hardware on the Corner of South Street and East Main Street.