Oyster Bay Firefighters practice skills

On Sunday April 24, 2005 members of the Oyster Bay Fire Department and Oyster Bay Fire-Medic Squad teamed up for training purposes. Members experimented with different techniques of patient removal from automobiles.

Members had the use of a van for this drill. The use of a van posed some unique challenges not seen in ordinary vehicles. The van was equipped with a sliding door on the passenger’s side and a driver’s side air bag. Also, the vehicle was positioned in a way that limited access to the rear. This meant that members needed to think quickly on how they would extricate victims from the vehicle. Members removed three doors from the vehicle using various techniques such as the Vertical Crush. They also removed the roof of the vehicle. Members used the Holmatro Tool commonly known as the Jaws of Life, which was able to spread the doors open. They also used hydraulic cutters to cut pieces of the vehicle such as the hinges on the door. One of the newest tools added to Oyster Bay’s vehicle extrication set is a battery operated reciprocating saw, which comes in very handy when the rescuer has limited space in which to work.

Luckily, with new safety features, injuries to occupants are usually minor. However the task of removing the occupants only gets harder. With the introduction of side impact air bags and hybrid vehicles, the techniques emergency workers must use to remove occupants from vehicles have changed a bit. Therefore, it is important to stay current on the latest technology in the automobile field.

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