Oyster Bay Firefighters respond to fire at High School

Shortly after 7pm on Wednesday March 1, 2006 The Oyster Bay Fire Department was alerted for a telephone alarm for a building fire at the Oyster Bay High School. The first units on the road were advised of a smoke condition on the second floor and that Fire Com was now receiving the central station alarm for this address. Upon the arrival of Engine 552 members were faced with a smoke condition on the second floor secondary to a fire in a locker that had been contained and extinguished prior to the fire departments arrival. A light to moderate smoke condition had been created by this fire and would need to be ventilated prior to allowing occupants back into the building. Tower Ladder 554 responded and assisted the crew from Engine 2 in ventilation through the use of exhaust fans. All members operated on scene for about 45 minutes, there were no reported injuries.