Oyster Bay Firefighters train in Actual Firefighting

The Oyster Bay Fire Department began their first of a three night training course in Commercial Firefighting. Members are placed in simulated fire conditions at the Nassau County Fire Service Academy. Together members from the Oyster Bay Fire Department and Atlantic Steamer Fire Company stretch hand lines, search for fire, ventilate, practice size-up strategy, as well as incident command tactics. Tonight, members operated in a warehouse type building complete with roll up gates, a loading dock, and a common attic space. Members from the Oyster Bay Fire Department had the task of the Engine Company. That means stretching the proper hand lines and successfully extinguishing the fire. Members from the Oyster Bay Fire Department Fire-Medic Squad were also on hand to sharpen their skills on how to properly operate an EMS Stand by at a Fire Incident. All members completed two evolutions of actually firefighting with no reported injuries