Oyster Bay Firefighters Train with FDNY

On Sunday April 2nd 2006 the Oyster Bay Fire Company and Atlantic Steamer Fire Company participated in a mutual aid drill with the Fire Department of New York. This is the second drill that the Oyster Bay Fire Company has participated in with the FDNY. These drills are being held to work out any problems in the new mutual aid plan between the FDNY and Nassau County Fire Departments. After the events of September 11th, there was a need to enact a mutual plan so that in the event of another terror attack or large scale incident action could be taken quickly and efficiently.
In the event of another large scale incident the Oyster Bay Fire Company will send Engine 552 to the quarters of Engine 307 in Jackson Hieghts Queens. Where they will provide fire supression services for the duration of the event.

The scenario set forth in this drill was a 3 story mixed occupancy type buidling with fire on the first and second floors. Engine 307 and Ladder 154 from the FDNY who also participated in the drill were the first due companies. Engine 552 and Ladder 551 were the second due companies and were assigned duties on the 2nd floor. Members needed to force entry and perform a search of smoke filled rooms and hallways for victims and fire conditons. Members from Engine 552 stretched a 2 inch handline to the second floor and extinguished all visible fire. After completion of the evolution members from Oyster Bay and the FDNY held a brief critique about the events of the drill.