Taxpayer Fire 5/13/08

On May 13th 2008 @ 0010hrs the Oyster Bay Fire Companies were alerted to a “automatic” alarm @ 257 Pine Hollow Road. The building is a 1 story 200×50 Taxpayer with 7 stores with an interconnecting basement and a common cockloft. Chiefs arrived moments after the alarm was transmitted and found a slight haze that could be seen from the outside of a liquor store. The crew from the first due truck Tower Ladder 554 forced entry and encounterd heavy smoke in the rear of the store. A signal 10 was transmitted and mutual aide was requested from Bayville (1 engine) and East Norwich ( 1 Tower Ladder) both to the scene. Because of the common basement, locating the fire proved to be a stuborn task because all of the stores had a moderate to heavy smoke condition. The fire was eventually located in the rear of a nail salon in the boiler room area and was quickly extinguished.

Companies remained on the scene checking for extension until it was determined that the fire did not extend into any of the adjourning stores. Companies were released at 0134hrs. The following units operated:

Engines 552,557,558,559, Bayville Eng.503. Ladders TL-554,L-551 and East Norwich TL-516. HR-555, and ambulances 5516 and 5526 were also on scene.

Units were under the direction of Chief Frank Mantegari and Atlantic Steamer Chief Bob Bagan.