Training For A Car Fire

On Wed. July 12th, the Oyster Bay Fire Department held one of its monthly drills at Beekman Beach. This week’s topic was CAR FIRES. The Department was donated a vehicle by one of its members to train on. Under the careful observation of 2 Assistant Chiefs, and the Junior Line Officers (Captain and Lieutenant) Oyster Bay Fire Department members were taught the basics of fighting a car fire, such as: Always wearing full PPE (personal protective equipment) and their SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus). They learned which attack lines to use ( 1 3/4 ) and the basics of handline operation, as well as, truck company operations ( forcing doors, hoods, and to remove any articles that could catch fire again after the main body of the fire was extinguished). And, to always try to extinguish the fire from the side due to the fact that newer vehicles have 5 mph bumpers which contain gas filled pistons that can explode and injure members operating in front of the bumpers. These pistons can explode due to the high heat conditions. After the training fire was extinguished, members discussed the operation with the Line Officers, and asked any questions that they might have had. The training lasted about an hour and a half.