Water leak damages Museum at Sagamore Hill

On Thursday, August 26, 2004, at about 2230 hours(10:30pm), a water leak caused by the air conditioning system freezing an old heating pipe caused serious damage to the Old Orchard Museum at Sagamore Hill, the former home of President Teddy Roosevelt. Oyster Bay Firefighters responded, and quickly found and isolated the burst pipe, shutting down the water. OB Firefighters then helped Park Staff open cases and remove items of historic value, and cover exhibits with salvage tarps. Atlantic Steamer Acting Asst. Chief Frank Ozol took a detail of OB and Steamer firemen upstairs, where a human chain was formed to quickly empty documents in boxes from the room where the leak started, and removed to safety. All units were secured within an hour. Sagamore Hill Curator Amy Verone praised the quick actions of OB Firefighters, and credited them with averting permanent damage to historic artifacts and documents chronicling the life of our 26th President.